My name is Anshul Yadav, and I am currently a Junior Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering at Indian Institue of Technology Delhi. I am interested in Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Speech Processing and Recognition and Robotics.

I am working with Professor Lalan Kumar (Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi), to write a paper on Novel representation of Head Related Transfer Functions using Hemispherical Harmonics from Spring, 2019 and with Professor Arpan Chattopadhyay (Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi) on detecting false data injection and proposing defense strategies for it. We are also investigating the possibility of attack/defense using Generative adversarial Networks(GANs).

In Summer 2017, I worked on PS4 controlled robotic arm with gripper achieving three degress of freedom. I simultaneously worked to program two Javascript modules for testing field view of vision and contrast for partially blind patients to eliminate the existing costly methods. I worked on binaural sound synthesis after my fascination with signal processing in the Fall 2018, and I successfully partnered with my friend Aman Tiwari produced binaural sound using MIT’s HRTF data. In Winter 2018, I contributed to designing a multilevel DC to AC converter using CIPOS mini IC’s. Along with the help of a Masters student, I designed single multilevel converters and programmed to get a multilevel converter, performing the signal test, overcurrent protection tests etc.

I used to lead Robotics Club at IIT Delhi, where we designed and developed drives(holonomic, mecanum etc), multi legged locomotive robots, ROS based differential drive etc.

On a side for fun I blog, tweet, open source my projects and watch movies and Japanese Manga!


  • I come from Rewari, Haryana. In the past, I have also lived in Ahmedabad and New Delhi.
  • Here is the Machine Learning Reading Group, I founded along with my friend Anchit Tandon in IIT Delhi.
  • I spend a lot of time watching movies & binging Japanese Anime. Here is the list of animes I have watched.
  • Whenever I am not thinking about research, I enjoy most of outdoor activities including Trekking, Hockey, Soccer and Cycling.
  • I am on Tweeter.