Anshul Yadav

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate IIT Delhi ======


  • B.Tech in Electrical Engineering,IIT Delhi (Expected 2021)
  • Class XII CBSE Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1 Ahmedabad 94.6%
  • Class X CBSE Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1 Ahmedabad 10.0 CGPA

Work experience

  • Summer 2018: Assistech Lab, IIT Delhi
    • Designed and developed two modules in JavaScript to be used for testing vision boundary and visible contrast
    • Designed an algorithm in JavaScript to find the boundary of vision by generating points and then applied fine tuning
    • Implemented a logarithmic algorithm which converges in 7-8 steps to accurately find visible contrast in RGB format
  • Summer 2018: Robotics Club, IIT Delhi
    • Designed and fabricated robotic arm with 4R- four bar mechanism having 3 degrees of freedom in Solidworks
    • Actuated shoulder and arm using servos and turntable base using Stepper motor and Polulu A4988 Stepper driver
    • Programmed Mega ADK in Arduino IDE and integrated it with PS3 Controller to grip small objects


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    • Sub-skill 2.1
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Service and leadership

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